Sunspel Craftsmanship

Sunspel Craftsmanship

Sunspel craftsmanship

Sunspel is a manufacturer of fine luxury clothing. It’s what we’ve done since 1860 and remains at the heart of everything we do today. From the very beginning it has been our ambition to make clothes as well as possible and to offer true value.

Being a manufacturer allows us to innovate in textile development. Our famous Q14 cellulock fabric was created in 1937. Underwear made from this distinctive looking fabric with the little holes, remains one of our best –selling and best-loved products. (To read more about our textiles click here.)

Today, our factory in Long Eaton, where we’ve been based since 1937, remains a vital part of Sunspel. Having our own dedicated team of craftsmen means that our design team can execute their vision in the most exacting and precise manner possible. Our Loopback sweatshirt and fabric were developed here in 2011 and takes pride of place as one of our recent greatest inventions.

Where appropriate we work with the very best manufacturers overseas in countries such as Turkey or Portugal. But we only work with those that have a true understanding of the craftsmanship and quality that we insist upon. Often the processes and techniques for our key garments have been developed in Long Eaton before we allow manufacturers abroad use them.

Wherever we manufacture, our simple aim of making clothes as well as we possibly can, and to offer true value, remain unchanged. It’s held us in good stead since 1860 and will do so, hopefully, long into the future.

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