Introducing The Sunspel Monogrammed Boxer Short

The Sunspel Boxer Short has remained virtually unchanged since 1947… until now. This festive season we are offering a monogramming service because we think that the only thing nicer than receiving a present, is receiving a personalised present.

Here at Sunspel we have a particular affinity with the Boxer Short that dates back to when Sunspel’s own John Hill introduced the style – initially only available in America – to the UK. He perfected its design by replacing the uncomfortable central seam with a rear panel and double-turning and feldlocking all the remaining seams to make them smooth against the skin. Decades later, the Sunspel Boxer Short was propelled to iconic status when Nick Kamen stripped down to his Sunspel’s in that Levis advert in the launderette and the rest, as they say, is history.


It could be said that we are biased, but we have it on good authority that Sunspel Boxer Shorts are the very best. It wouldn’t be proper to go into detail, but we have loyal customers who have strictly only worn Sunspel Boxers ever since donning their first pair.

It’s assurances like this that have meant that save for introducing new colours and patterns, we have barely strayed from John Hill’s original specifications in over six decades, but as a stickler for quality, we think he would wholeheartedly approve of  our new modification. Classic, understated and expertly executed, all of our monogramming is embroidered by experts in Long Eaton, Nottingham; preserving British craftsmanship for generations to come.


The Sunspel monogramming service is available at our London stores and online. It costs £8 and takes two weeks from the date of ordering.