Shoreditch was the home of Shakespeare’s first theatre ‘The Wooden O’ before it moved to Southwark and was renamed ‘The Globe’. Shoreditch has a long history of entertainment and the arts. The London Music Hall built in 1896 (pictured above) on the high street played host to early performances by Charlie Chaplin. Thriving textile and furniture industries also defined the area. Today Shoreditch remains a hotspot for creative talent and is home to some of London’s most interesting independent shops, restaurants and cafes.


The Sunspel shop in Shoreditch sits on the corner of Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch, a scruffy, buzzy area with new shops, cafes and business starting up all the time. The shop is a small space but it’s full of good things, including a number of objects and clothes we source specially to sell in the shop. We also sell our own store specials you won’t find anywhere else – more experimental or unusual clothes which we produce in small numbers.Read more.