Sunspel Soho


40 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TU

Tel: 020 7734 4491

The Sunspel Soho store is just five minutes’ walk from Oxford Street and Piccadilly, right in the middle of Old Compton Street, the road that cuts east-west across the middle of Soho. Our shop is where the infamous Janus Bookstore used to sell bespoke erotica, and our next door neighbours are a vintage liquor store on one side and the original Patisserie Valerie on the other. Fine booze, fine pastries and fine clothing, all in one place.

In developing the shop we’ve retained as much as possible of the original building. The beautiful wooden floor is reclaimed Rhodesian teak and we have exposed the original support beams.

The shop stocks the full range of Sunspel clothes plus an ever-changing selection of exclusive store specials, including small numbers of limited edition Sunspel clothes available nowhere else, and Sunspel Selects, our choice of classic products from quality manufacturers.