Introducing the Sunspel & Leach Pottery collection

We’re pleased to announce our most recent collaboration, arriving in stores later this month. Resulting from our enduring passion for craftsmanship and an interest in the art of pottery, we have developed a standalone collection of beautiful ceramic bowls, cups, jugs and a milk pourer with the famed Cornwall-based pottery makers: Leach.

Approaching the collection with a desire to celebrate the beauty of everyday objects and traditional craft techniques, each piece in the collection is finished with a distinctive cobalt glaze rim. Coming in varying sizes, the collection is handmade on a wheel using a clay that has a certain cleanliness to it. The result is a translucent porcelain that has a glass like quality and a simplicity that sits perfectly with the approach we take to our clothes.
Leach’s reputation precedes it as one of the finest pottery makers in the country. It was founded in 1920 by Bernard Leach – widely respected as one of the most important and influential artist-potters of the 20th century, together with his friend Shoji Hamada, in St Ives, Cornwall. Leach was a believer in the purity of his pottery, eschewing print or decoration for subtlety and understatement.

Leach still stands today with nearly a century’s worth of expertise, setting it apart as an influential force in the world of ceramics. So much so that it continues to be an inspiration for potters, students and apprentices across the world, who come to its St.Ives base to master the craft of studio pottery.
As a result, Leach Pottery has a uniquely international outlook for a studio based in the south of England. The constant exchange of Eastern and Western practices that originates from the foundations of Bernard and Shoji’s friendship have allowed it to develop a distinct identity. The Leach Pottery Studio, Museum and Gallery continue developing Bernard Leach’s historic legacy.
You can find the complete Leach Pottery range across our London stores.
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