Sunspel Supports Inspiration in Motion

Sliver of Sky – A Performance by Ludovic Ondiviela

On Sunday 24 April, London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre plays host to an entirely unique ballet performance, by French choreographer Ludovic Ondiviela. Sliver of Sky is presented in association with Amnesty International UK, and takes its name from the the words of Albert Woodfox, the last of the Angola 3 to be released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary after 43 years of solitary confinement.

Locked inside his cramped prison cell for 23 hours a day, his only view of the outside world came from a miniscule slit of a window, through which he could see just a small ‘sliver of sky’. Released from his incarceration in February 2016, the story of his struggle inspired Ondiviela to explore the ramifications of solitary confinement, not only for the prisoner suffering the experience, but also of the families of those involved. The performance explores the psychological and emotional ordeal endured by Woodfox, and acts as a stark reminder of the countless human rights issues being championed by the charity Amnesty International UK.

We’re honoured to be supporting Inspiration in Motion with a full costume of Sunspel garments in this one-off performance of Sliver of Sky.
Lilian Baylis Studio
Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4TN
24 April 2016

All photography and video by Christine Kreiselmaier



Sliver of Sky Rehearsal by Dancers Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Ball from Sunspel Clothing on Vimeo.