What to wear…The Ryder Cup

The Summer sporting season is behind us, but Gleneagles’s hotly anticipated Ryder cup is pitting the best of European and American golfers for a nail biting 3 day face off. Whilst all eyes may be on the green, we couldn’t help but take a look at some of the key players who’ve elevated golf as an unlikely pinnacle of style. Take your cues from the sport’s finest and adopt styles fit for the course by pairing  classic knitwear like a merino jumper or cardigan with a polo or a casual shirt.

Arnold Palmer

Arnie, or ‘The King’ as he’s affectionately known, is regarded as one of the greatest living players in the sport with a record 95 tournament wins during his career. Already top of the game, he’s also on top for golf style, opting for chinos with a fitted polo, often short on the arms and undone. Palmer brought an undeniable energy and ease to the rigid dress code of the gentleman’s sport. A uniform that to this day never fails to impress.

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Jack Nicklaus

Niklaus is a legend of the sport, with 18 major championship wins to his name. Though he’s rightly known for his distinct golfing style, hitting some of the longest shots in the record of the game, he should also be considered for bringing casual elegance into the sport, often seen paring a crisp white shirt with three buttons undone and a cardigan.

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Tony Jacklin

Famed Ryder cup captain Tony Jacklin’s career as a player has earned him two major championship victories, but his reputation as a captain sets him apart from the rest. Regarded as one of the most important English Ryder Cup captains, he’s led the European teams to two victories and a tie all in his own unique style, easily identifiable by the rather unusual combination of a roll neck and a V-neck jumper.

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