Where to go and what to pack: the summer holiday wardrobe

As the summer creeps tentatively closer, we cast our minds forward to the holidays – lazy days on wide white beaches or cocktails on sunny city roof terraces. But the eternal question remains: what on earth to wear? With a little help from our new collection, we’re here to help you decide what to put on your packing list.



Leaving the fast pace of the city behind you and jetting off to a quiet corner of the Caribbean or Mediterranean? We can see the appeal. But before you get carried away thinking one pair of swim shorts and a good book will be all you need to stash in your suitcase, let us remind you: it’s going to be very, very hot, and that delightful beach bar is not going to let you in when you’re in nothing but your towel.

We recommend a smart but suitably breezy camp collar shirt for just such an occasion, worn over swim shorts that are tailored enough to pass as actual shorts. A Riviera Polo Shirt or two for the golf course or won’t go amiss either, and there’s a lot to be said for a decent sun hat too. After all, sunburn doesn’t look good on anyone.


sunspel-holiday-hats sunspel-holiday-swimshorts


Spending your summer holiday exploring the endless diversions of Europe’s romantic cities or strolling through America’s skyscraper-shadowed streets? We don’t blame you. But this can be a particularly tricky trip to pack for, simply because you don’t know where your days will take you. So make sure your travel wardrobe works hard, selecting pieces that are easy, elegant and – most importantly – versatile.

sunspel-holiday-tennis-t-shirts sunspel-holiday-tennis-shoes


We suggest you start with a couple of classic T-Shirts, accessorised with a sleek leather tennis shoe and a pair of our stunning new sunglasses on top. A chino short is a great summer option that can be worn from daytime into the night – just throw a cotton Oxford shirt on top when cocktail hour rolls around.

If you’re still in need of inspiration look no further than our new arrivals, where our collection of refined summer essentials will get you ready for holiday mode – and if that simply means a Saturday in the garden, we won’t tell.